2021 smart kitchen technology you should be aware of

Move over George Jetson. 2021 has arrived, and we have the same or better network of gadgets set up to communicate with us and be at our beck and call than you had way back in the future!

Seriously, our electronic gadget world evolved from cheap little toy gadgets to complex and advanced devices designed to automate our kitchens in a short time.

The ideas behind the early versions inspired us and made us hope they would come to fruition.


Smart Kitchen Technology

Thanks to rapid advancements in technology, we have various devices that cater to our every wish, and these smart appliances are customizable, too, adding to their super-convenience.

Nowadays, the kitchen is the go-to place in the house, so it isn’t just a place to cook meals anymore.

Do you know the time we spend in the kitchen has increased over the years, and more so now because we’re home more than ever? Homebuilders have seen the change, too. They build houses with larger kitchen areas than in past years.

As you might imagine, due to its newfound popularity, the kitchen has evolved into a technologically advanced space in our homes.


Smart Kitchens Are Here to Stay

The whole world seems too busy for anything, and cooking dinner at home is no exception. Technology in the kitchen changes all of that.

Before leaving for work in the morning, meals get prepped, and all the dishes are ready to go. All that’s needed is a little time in the oven, which is no problem. The long drive home from work? Put your new smart oven on notice that it’s cooking dinner tonight, not you. How can that happen, you ask?

Your smart oven has an app that lets you set the cooking times, start the oven, and monitor temps, too. Now, even weekend chefs look like seasoned pros with their fancy meals ready to go the minute you walk through the door.


Combo Appliances

Maybe you’ve seen a double wall-oven? It’s an excellent kitchen appliance with a regular oven on the bottom and either a microwave or another oven on top. They’re big appliances that are big space savers, too.

Wall ovens are still very popular because of their double-duty capability. Add smart technology to these appliances, and you have an unbeatable combination that will cook dinner for the whole family, even with their individual tastes.


Time Savers

The fantastic new smart kitchen appliances have also trimmed down cooking times because they cook precisely based on weights, the food itself, preferences, and more, combining to change cooking times where necessary.

Technology removes extra time and hassle from cooking meals that were complicated and frustrating before the days of smart kitchen appliances.


Keeping You Organized

Most of the apps, iOS or Android, that connect to today’s smart appliances have capabilities built in to track your cooking events, set reminders, call up recipes, program recipes, and of course, automate everything, among a plethora of other features.


Future Proof Your Kitchen

Perhaps you’ve heard of Alexa or Google Assistant? Yes, they’re your new best friends in the kitchen.

Your smartphone, working in conjunction with some apps that resemble operating systems more than apps, and your home WiFi makes your kitchen upgradeable anytime.


The Best of 2021 (So Far)

Advancements in smart kitchen appliances keep coming, so this list will likely change next year.

But for now, I guess we have to put up with appliances that keep track of our groceries and order recipe items automatically as they’re needed.


The 7-in-1 Smart Oven

This oven allows you to do everything except frying an egg in a pan, almost. It’s an oven that air fries, broils, convection cooks, dehydrates food, slow cooks, acts as a toaster oven, and is even a warming drawer if needed.

You won’t find that kind of versatility with any other conventional appliance, but then again, you have everything you need with an instrument like the 7-in-1 Smart Oven.

When they said Smart Oven, they weren’t kidding. The oven has its own smartphone app that you control with Alexa, too.

The app includes over 200 cooking programs and twice as many video recipes, as well as the ability to recognize hundreds of foods using your phone’s camera via the app.

With an average size of 12″ x 16″, it fits a large pizza or small turkey in the 10-pound range.

You’ll find the unit cooks 35 percent faster due to its carbon fibre heating elements. At a cost ranging between £120 to £150, these ovens can take the place of several cooking appliances and making cooking fun again.


Smart Refrigerators

The new Samsung smart refrigerators are getting very smart, and they’re getting good at increasing interior space, too. You already know that you can use your smartphone to do many things, but with this fridge, you can surf the Internet, stream music, or have your Android phone mirror to the Family Hub – a feature that keeps getting better and better.

The door of your smart fridge becomes an entertainment centre. Mirror your Samsung TV to the Family Hub, but it gets even better.

The Family Hub and your phone keeps track of food expiration dates, your food inventory levels, and get this. It will order your food automatically as certain foods reach pre-set levels and triggers and order.

With the kind of sophistication and convenience the new Smart fridges offer, the average price tag ranging from £1500 to over £3500 sounds like it’s worth it, and should last a long time without going obsolete.


Atomi Smart WiFi Capable Coffee Maker

How about not having to be in-person to make a pot of coffee on a whim? This Alexa or Google Assistant controlled state-of-the-art coffee maker will spoil you.

For around £90, this device brings 2021 into clear focus because all of the things we wish our regular coffee pot had, this has.

A brew scheduler and brew-strength adjustment are just two options accessed through the smartphone app.

Its nice-looking stainless design and nicely matched 12 cups carafe make this a practical and functional addition to your growing array of Jetson style 2021 devices that are sure to impress.


Long-Range Smart Meat Thermometer

Finishing up the list of the most useful and innovative devices of 2021 is the long-range smart meat thermometer.

If you enjoy grilling and always find yourself having to time the meat and other foods, so it’s hot and ready at the same time, there is an answer.

With a range of about 165 ft., you can keep an eye on other food while you’re monitoring your grill meat temperatures.

Your smartphone comes to the rescue yet again with an app to monitor internal temperatures and other features that almost guarantee perfect results every time.

With its two external temperature sensors and one internal temperature probe, you can monitor both internal and external temperatures simultaneously right from the app. Talk about convenient and affordable at about £100.



Each year we see advancements in technology that might add to or even replace current devices. The devices might enhance our kitchen productivity or make our daily lives more fun and enjoyable. Either way, the new devices will change our lives for the better.