8 Common Mistakes when Renovating a Kitchen

Most people will renovate their kitchen every 10 years at the least.

So you’ve made the choice to move ahead with having your dream kitchen built out, now the most important step is ensuring it is built right. With an increasing amount of people looking for high quality handmade kitchens in Norfolk, we’ve noticed several mistakes that come up time and time again that you’ll want to avoid when having your dream kitchen built out.

  1. Workflow & Space

For efficient use of space, a triangle arrangement for your cooker, sink and fridge/freezer will result in easy access to all appliances and a smoother operation. Equally, space management is important. Be sure to account for traffic flow and allow yourself room to move around and open cupboards too. You don’t want to find when you open a cupboard door that it won’t open fully and someone else can’t get past due to lack of space.


  1. Balancing the Amount of Storage Space Needed

First things first – make an inventory of everything you will be storing in your kitchen. You don’t want to overcrowd your kitchen, once you know what you are likely to be storing in your kitchen you can make an educated guess on the amount of storage you require.

Another thing to bear in mind is hard to reach storage space. Will you use it if you can’t reach it?


  1. Poor Lighting

Be sure to take advantage of natural light when you can, for example having a window in front of the sink. But generally, for task orientated rooms i.e. the kitchen, whiter bulbs are better for detailed work.


  1. Worktop Space and Height

You can never have too much workspace in a kitchen. Use of shelves and wall hooks and integrated appliances can help increase your worktop space.

Now you have the right amount of worktop space you need but make sure the height is right too. Standard height is 90cm, but this can be tailored to suit you.


  1. Try Before You Buy

What you think goes well together in your head might look very different in real life. Be sure to request samples especially if you are shopping online. Colours and textures can look different depending on the space lighting and surrounding colours and textures already in your kitchen.


  1. Blowing Your Budget, overspending on non-visible items and Scrimping

Costs can rack up quickly when renovating. So, getting a variety of quotes and setting a realist budget is very important. It’s also worth once setting a budget giving yourself a 10% contingency for unexpected costs.

Once the budget is set be sure to spend wisely on items. Hold back on overspending on non-visible items and spend more on everyday items that require a higher quality product.


  1. Pick the right items and materials

There are so many weird and wonderful items available when renovating and it is easy to get swept up. When thinking about buying items and materials for your kitchen think of the long-term practical use.


  1. Don’t be a Trend Follower

Latest trends always look nice, but trends come and go. Most people will renovate their kitchen every 10 years at the least. So, while incorporating some latest trends into your design can be good, think of long-term practicality too.

Don’t make these common mistakes. If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom you can contact us on 01603 417072 or visit our Norwich Showroom NR6 5DR.