We combine quality with sustainability. All the wood used in our kitchens is ethically sourced and we strive to have as low an environmental impact as possible.

American White Oak & Maple

We use White Oak and Maple wood for all our kitchens. We selected it especially for its hardwearing qualities with delightful tones, grain and luxury finish. All this, plus it’s sustainably sourced from naturally occurring forests across the United States. A perfect touch of quality for the more environmentally conscious.

When delivered to our timber merchant, Thorogood, the amount of carbon stored in the wood has already offset the emissions related to extracting, processing and transport from the U.S.

From expertly crafted cabinetry to exquisite worktops, it takes under three seconds for American forest to grow enough wood to create your dream kitchen.

Read more about American Hardwood sustainability here.

Waste Disposal

We have partnered with Pips Skips to remove your old kitchen and take away waste wood from our factory in Norwich. Pips recycle 100% of recyclable materials and 93% of the total waste that enters their recycling centre. If they can prevent it going to landfill, they will!
Clean wood scraps from our workshop that is unsuitable for use may go into a recycling stream to be reused, or used by Pips as fuel for their furnace and boiler system.
When we take out your old kitchen, it will be taken away by skip. At Pips Skips, a team of workers will sort the waste out into piles. Rubble and brick in one, metal in another, paper and card in a third and wood in a fourth.

All of these are completely recycled, preventing the need to press valuable land into service as landfill.
Even old electrical cable will be recovered, stripping out the copper cores for recycling as a valuable raw material.
From the moment we pick up a pencil to draw your kitchen to the end of its life as the last cupboard door goes in the skip, Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms cares about being a good steward for the natural resources we use.
Talk to our sales team today if you would like to know more about our sustainability policies.

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