What is a bespoke kitchen?


Are you looking to remodel or renovate your kitchen? A lot of people are. Kitchens can quickly become outdated in just a decade or two. As you begin to search of options on how to recreate your kitchen, you might hear a lot of different phrases; bespoke, made to measure, etc.. 

All of these terms and phrases refer to kitchen remodeling options, but what exactly do they mean? Each option offers something very different from the next. To get a better grasp of what these terms and phrases mean, and what they mean to your kitchen project, the following explanation will help you. 


The Bespoke Kitchen

Bespoke is an old term meaning “having spoken about or discussed.” In reference to a kitchen, it means that you have spent a lot of time talking to contractors and kitchen designers about what you are looking for and what you want in your kitchen. Based on these conversations with these professionals, they design and build the kitchen of your dreams. 

There are endless possibilities in a bespoke kitchen because the design is as unique as the owner of the home. However, you can borrow a few ideas from the showrooms of kitchen designers if you are at a loss for your own ideas. Sometimes just looking at a showroom helps spark your own imagination and creativity for what you would like to see in your own kitchen. 


The Made to Measure Kitchen

A “made to measure” kitchen remodeling project is so named because everything is made and measured to fit compactly in the space given. Your kitchen measurements confine the designs created by the kitchen designer. While you can get something that looks similar to what you see in their showroom or something you like, it won’t look anything like what you see. 

Instead, it’s the design style you like applied to the size and space of your kitchen. It is akin to giving your kitchen a facelift but most of the kitchen will still look the same in terms of features. A made to measure kitchen is very limited in its potential.


Differences Between Bespoke and Made to Measure Kitchens

Both a bespoke kitchen and a made to measure kitchen can update your current kitchen. However, the made to measure kitchen will remain exactly as it is with a few tweaks in color, design patterns, and modern additions where the hardware, some appliances and cupboard finishes are concerned. This is very different from the complete overhaul and alteration in design, style, appearance, and functionality of a bespoke kitchen. 

In terms of cost, the bespoke kitchen may cost more, but you get a perfectly unique kitchen that you are certain to love. The made to measure kitchen is meant more for people who want to update this room in their homes prior to selling their homes or they just want a slightly different look. A lot of things are changed, altered, and customized in the bespoke kitchen, while only details in the made to measure kitchen are changed.


The Kitchen Expansion

One other option is a kitchen expansion. If you have an adjacent room or space to your kitchen, you can knock out walls and make the kitchen larger. As long as the walls are not load-bearing, this option can really open up a small kitchen. Sometimes you can combine the expansion with a bespoke kitchen project, but an expansion is almost never part of a made to measure project. 

If you do want to expand your kitchen’s current dimensions, the kitchen designer will need measurements of the adjacent room or space. This is critical in determining how best to design an expanded kitchen with your bespoke interests at heart. The designer will also have to have the walls of this adjacent space or room inspected to make sure an expansion is possible before beginning any design work.


Getting Started

Choose the kitchen design options that best fit your budget and what you want to do. Accept that you will be without a working kitchen for a few months once the construction work is underway. If you plan to expand your kitchen, it may take additional months to complete the project. 

The best thing you can do right now is to find a kitchen designer with whom you want to work. Visit several kitchen design showrooms to gather ideas. Gather pricing information and establish a feasible timetable for your project. 

Once you find the right kitchen designer and have chosen which kitchen remodeling option you want, the designer will begin working. Designs will be presented to you. Approve what you like and cancel what you don’t. Once everything is approved, the designer can signal for the work crew to begin working on your kitchen.