When renovating your kitchen one of the first things to think about is – Should I have a blank canvas or a statement kitchen? Both are good options but what suits you best?


Blank Canvas

Blank canvas’ are a cost-effective way to renovate a kitchen if you have a tight budget or you are not planning to stay long-term.

Neutral tones are a timeless look and once the fundamentals are in place (cupboards, fridge, cooker, dishwasher etc.) they create a foundation from which you can be adventurous and create a bold contrast with the worktops, sink, smaller appliances and accessories that are less costly to change and easier to alter.

Neutral tones also create a streamlined look which if you are looking to re-sell will make it more appealing for others who can create a bold contrast on the foundations you have made with their own appliances.

As well as being great for creative purposes neutral tones can make a smaller space seem more open and visually restful.


Statement Kitchen

For those not on a tight budget a statement kitchen might be a perfect idea for creative people with no-immediate plans to re-sell and are eager to be 100% adventurous.

It is known that colours boost moods and that kitchens are one of the social hubs of a home. Therefore, having a colourful kitchen that boosts moods will help keep a social event buzzing – as well as being an excellent conversation starter.

A statement kitchen is also a great way to spice up your home if you’ve had the same thing for years and years and want to go completely different.