Cooker Hoods – Visible vs. Built In

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In this article we ant to outline the benefits and disadvantage of having cooker hoods being visible, vs having them built in. This is an important decision to make for your kitchen for various reasons – given that so many people looking for kitchens in Norfolk raise this query we though we’d break down the pro’s and con’s for both of them right here to help with your decision making on this matter.



Wall Hoods and Vertical Wall Hoods

Chimney hoods capture the air naturally and being wall mounted makes air extraction easier while vertical wall hoods combine wall mounted hood advantages with more elegant designs.


Island Hoods

These are designed to sit above an island cooker. They are elegantly designed and can be viewed from any angle. However, the ducting goes up into the ceiling as appose out the side of the wall which makes extraction more difficult.



Conventional Extractor with Visor

This is the least costly option. It can be stand-alone mounted or fitted under a cupboard. However, they lack power.


Telescopic Pull-Out Hood

This is a semi-integrated option where only 5-8cm can be seen, that is cost effective in balancing price, look and performance.


Canopy Hood 

This is a high-performance range of cooker hood built into an overhead kitchen unit making it invisible. This hood is also cost-effective in balancing price, look and performance.

A subcategory of this is the cupboard extractor where opening the cupboard towards you turns the hood on. This, however, is a less frequently used option.


Ceiling Hood

Located on your ceiling somewhere above your cooker and although creates a tidier look to the kitchen, performance ability is uncertain due to ceiling height in different houses being different. Equally, it can’t be integrated into every ceiling.


Downdraft Extractor

100% invisible when not in use. This extractor is hidden within the counter and is a better option for those with island cookers or no wall units.


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