Creative Kitchen Cabinet Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen

Many of today’s household tend to go for all-white interiors, a combination of black and white cabinetry, or an all stainless steel appliances.

While there is something wonderful about these room designs, there are a lot of times that a creative cabinet can be the ultimate solution to your kitchen problem.

After all, the intelligent use of space mixed with a splash of style will not only make you comfortable while preparing your family’s meal but will also give your kitchen that extra spice you’re looking for that will capture your guests attention when they’re visiting.

Would you like to spice up the look of your kitchen, or are you thinking of changing its style to a more traditional or modern look?

Whatever you decide, we have come up with some of the most stylish solutions for your kitchen storage and cabinetry for you to consider.

Unique Cabinet Shapes

Being unique is what sets us apart. So if you want to catch your guests’ attention and leave a lasting impression to anyone who sees your kitchen, installing a cabinet with a unique shape is your way to go.

Choosing cabinetry with a curved shape or an odd design can often give your kitchen that extra touch that it needs to really stand out amongst the standard dull cabinetry that people are so used to seeing in day-to-day kitchens.


Unusual But Creative Cabinet Colours

Express your artistic side by choosing unexpected colours or a unique colour scheme for your kitchen cabinetry.

Bold colours like cobalt or red are unconventional yet elegant and striking to the eye.

An up and coming look we’re also seeing in kitchens are multi-colour cabinets, with each cabinet being a different colour. This adds a truly mesmerizing look and feel to the kitchens we’ve seen adopt this scheme and truly sets you apart too.

You can choose a lighter shade of colour for your upper cupboards and a darker shade for the lower cabinets to show a connection between both sets.


Mixed Cabinet Finishes

If mixing your cabinet colours is in fact something that suits your taste, then why not do it with your cabinet finishes.

The strong contrast between a white lacquered wood-like cabinet against dark wood-patterned cabinetry with glass doors will make an interesting enhancement and will surely give your kitchen an instant update in aesthetics.


Transparent Cabinets

See-through cabinetry is another smart way to add a unique highlight to your kitchen.

Not only will you able to showcase your beautiful collections and pretty Chinaware, but the glass will also make your kitchen feel more spacious and open.

As a pro-tip for something we’ve seen work extremely well: if you add lights to the inside of your transparent cabinets you’ll end up with an even more unique and modern look that screams luxury.


Modern Open Shelving

The modern style of open shelves are something we’ve seen picking up a lot of traction in kitchens. More and more modern households choose to have no cabinetry and go for open shelving.

Open shelves make an affordable storage solution while allowing you to showcase your precious ceramic collections.

It is easier to install and takes far fewer materials than other solutions.


A Mixed of Cabinetry and Open Shelving

A combination of cabinetry and open shelves makes for both storage and display.
It is a creative choice for modern dwellers who don’t want everything to be exposed.

This concept is ideal if your kitchen is on the smaller side. Combining cabinetry with open shelves makes the best use of your kitchen space.


All Metal Cabinetry

Metallic cabinetry exudes elegance and luxury. Stainless Steel, Copper, Bronze or cabinets with bold brushes of Gold will transform your kitchen into a high-end space.

Using metallic finishes and Stainless Steel components is far from appearing cold and sterile, instead, metallics can make your kitchen warm and tactile.


High Gloss Cabinets

High gloss cabinetry can really brighten up your kitchen. The glossy finishes will help reflect the light on your space, adding a more futuristic and open feel.

Also, these cabinets work great in any style of kitchen, more-so than many other styles. They are visually stunning, highly durable and easy to maintain and clean.


Embellished Cabinets

An often-overlooked way to improve the style of your kitchen is to simply change the old knobs of your cabinets with new and modern one.

By doing this you’ll be able to spice up your kitchen and make the space look different without any major renovations.

Changing the accessories of your cabinets with fancy and modern designs can become an appealing upgrade in your kitchen and can give your kitchen the luxurious and comfy style you are looking for.