Handles and Knobs – The Different Types

Never underestimate the power of your handle choice. The right handle can enhance a room to create a unified look, while the wrong choice can clash and offset the room.

Before you make your choice, here are some key questions to consider:

  • Is your kitchen design modern, traditional, vintage or urban?
  • What materials have you already used?
  • What are your household requirements?

Once you know the answer to these questions you’ll find that there area a variety of handles and knobs to choose from.
There is some crossover between these and the types of knobs that you can expect to find on some of the fitted wardrobes in Norwich that we install, but that will be covered in a separate article shortly.


Knobs are versatile handles that rely on their material type to indicate which design style they are best suited in. Main shapes include; round, T-shaped and drop/pendant style.


Bar Handles & Bow Handles

Again, a versatile handle for any kitchen design types creating a simple and streamlined look. Depending on the length of the handle, instead of having two handles to pull there is one bar. Resulting in a more convenient and user-friendly kitchen.



This style of handle is better suited to vintage or urban designs as they create a more rustic feel.



Still not sure on what handles to pick. Why not go handless? Take a look at the different type of handless mechanisms below.


True Handleless 

True handless kitchens have a rail built into the top of the cabinet that sits behind each door/draw creating a space to grip. They can either be the same colour as the cabinet or have a plain aluminium finish.


Moulded Finger-Pulls

Moulded Finger-Pulls are channels routed into the top edge of the door/draw to create a small lip to grip onto.


Aluminium Finger-Pulls 

Aluminium Finger-Pulls are a kind of handle they create a handleless look as Moulded Aluminium is attached to the top of each door/draw that can be cut to size to fit each individual cabinet.


Tip-On Doors 

Also Known as push-to-open doors. These use a mechanism that when pushed gently it opens doors/draws automatically.


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