Häfele Kitchen Hardware

Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms are a Häfele Design Studio and Trade Partner. As the finest maker of kitchens and cabinetry, we only trust the finest producer of hardware!

Why Häfele?

When it comes to kitchen and cabinet hardware, you need something that is precision-engineered to last the lifetime of your cabinets. We trust Häfele to ensure our kitchen drawer runners, hinges, handles and other hardware look beautiful and last.
Nothing would be more disappointing than poor-quality hardware resulting in a stuck drawer or broken pull-out pantry, and at Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms, we know Häfele products give the level of finish our customers expect.

We built this clever pull-out spice rack featuring Häfele soft-closing runners. Despite the surprising weight of the cupboard's contents, the cupboard pulls out effortlessly. A quick push with the hand or tap from your hip and the Häfele soft-closing runners take over, silently pulling the pantry unit back into the counter and out of sight.

Bi-folding cupboard doors are a great way of having a large cupboard door fold up and out of the way to allow easy access. This is a complex type of door that requires a precision hinge to work seamlessly.
We knew Häfele would be able to deliver this, so we used a bi-fold mechanism with a friction gas lift that takes over from the user, carrying the weight. The door then hangs open until closed, giving you easy access whilst putting crockery away without banging your head on corner cupboards!

Beautiful bins?

Why not! With Häfele kitchen bins we can make a bespoke, built-in bin solution that takes care of normal waste, recycling and even food waste. Our beautiful cabinetry is supported here by Häfele soft-closing runners. The bins are made of strong, durable plastic that can be removed to be cleaned.

As a Häfele design studio, we can show you some of the clever solutions for storage and cabinetry in your home. Whatever your style, we'll use high-quality Häfele hardware to ensure your cabinets look as beautiful and work as well in the future as they do the day they are installed.

Whatever your style, Häfele have cupboard knobs and handles to suit it perfectly.

Hide the screen

We can use Häfele tv lifts to hide a TV away in beautiful cabinetry when not in use.

Show the screen

Or why not show off your screen, iPad or other tablet? This clever Häfele screen mount lets you see the screen wherever you are in the kitchen, ideal for looking at recipes or videos online while you cook!

Look at these clever ideas for maximising cupboard storage from Häfele