Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands give you useful extra space in the middle of the room to work, prepare food or sit. They also give you a focal point to your kitchen.

Kitchen Islands can help you attain more space in your kitchen

Space is always at a premium in the kitchen, and how much counter space will usually be constrained by your wall space.
Adding a kitchen island is a great way to add extra space to sit, work, entertain, prepare food or even cook!
At Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms we can add induction hobs or plate warming drawers to your kitchen island, making use of otherwise dead space in the centre of the room. They often make a perfect place to sit and eat, so we can add seating there too.

Even if your hob is sited on a kitchen island you can still have an extractor fan to banish cooking smells!
This ingenious extractor fan retracts into the counter when not in use but rises up at the push of a button to keep your kitchen fresh and smoke-free.

Kitchen Islands make a perfect place to sit and reflect over a morning coffee, or for entertaining guests.