Kitchen Lighting Design – All You Need To Know


There is more to lighting up the kitchen than the smell of the scrumptious meals made in it. Here is a short guide on how to achieve a statement kitchen level lighting for your house.


Planning Kitchen Lighting

Mind the floor plan

Floor plans will be one of the definitive guides on how to plan out your kitchen. Open floor plans can allow for more ambient and decorative lighting.

Kitchens with included sections like open pantries and dining sets might call for more accent lighting to help illuminate and highlight.


 Let’s Switch it up

A good kitchen lighting plan does not just stop with the overhead lighting. For convenience you want the power outlets and switches to be located in the right places. Before placing the outlets, your design needed to be considered.

 Power outlets should be accessible for ease of use. Place them on the wall on the station with many appliances such as the kettle or the toaster.

 Pop up outlets are perfect for islands as they can be popped up for use and popped back to retain the allure.

 For every entry and or exit into the kitchen, a switch should be present. Switches do not just have to be traditional plain white. There are decorative sockets that are design-oriented to match different settings and interior design projects. Consider marble, wooden, rustic, metallic, or any other aesthetic that suits you.

Consider putting all your lights on dimmer switches for convenience and safety.


Set the Right Mood

Planning the layout of the kitchen does more than bring out the aesthetic, it ensures functionality. Three considerations for proper lighting include:


Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting is the function light that makes homes usable. Usually placed on the ceiling, it lights up the entire room for easy navigation. 

When considering ambient lighting, you want to go for something subtle but bright. Ambient lighting can either be recessed lighting or flash mounts based on the architectural design of your kitchen.


Kitchen Task Lighting 

Since you don’t want to lose your finger on the chopping board or have a guest pull out a bug in your salad, you need task lighting. This lighting beams into your working spaces. 

It is essential for the sinks and countertops. Task lighting ensures proper and neat execution of tasks and guarantees your security when working around the kitchen.


Accent Lighting 

This is where you bring your fun side to life. Accent lighting fixtures are perfect for bringing the kitchen to life. It can be used to highlight some fine china, silverware, or to letter out the coffee station.


Selecting the Right Bulb 

Bulbs differ based on different factors such as size and the Kelvin scale. The kind of light emitted can help set the mood and bring the design features to life. You don’t want a house that is too orange or blue.

 There are different popular shades like cool, soft, and warm whites which serve different moods. Soft white bulbs are great for task lighting as they brighten the dedicated area. Soft white works just as well for ambient lighting due to its powerful illumination.

 A warm white works great for both accent and feature lighting. Edison bulbs have become a staple in lighting. They mostly come in a soft light that works perfectly for ambient or accent lighting. You can consider getting the dimmable or motion sensor bulbs for a trendier look and efficient energy usage.


What lighting fixtures blend into your kitchen? 


Forever trendy, this is one of the best options for accent and task lighting. Apart from being a design aesthetic, chandeliers also perform well for functionality. Chandeliers come in many shapes from the traditional crystal chandelier to the bohemian mason jar with twine chandelier. Depending on the aesthetic you are going for, there is a chandelier for every kitchen lighting need.



These are the trendy fixtures that put your cooking room in the statement kitchen side of the home magazine. Pendant lights are usually linear in the arrangement and brighten up specific spots in the kitchen. There are numerous designs in the market for any design. You can also have some custom-made for your kitchen. You can use them as task lighting or as statement pieces.

Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen or when you are building your dream home, take time to plan out your kitchen and get the lighting done properly. Thought out kitchen lighting will not just get your friends asking you for decor tips. It will also ensure that you enjoy being in the kitchen and working in it.