The Importance of Proper Kitchen Ventilation

Kitchens are one of the most important areas of your household where families not only spend a lot of time cooking and preparing food, but also socialising and relaxing.

In addition to ensuring your kitchen looks and feels as perfect as you’ve always wanted, it’s also extremely important for you to address the air quality in your kitchen, especially since this is something that isn’t talked about nearly as much as it should be.


Why is kitchen air quality important?

With so much time being spent in the kitchen preparing food, you may well be unaware of all the pollutants and contaminants that are being released on a day to day basis right in front of your nose.

Whilst you’re using your kitchen range and the appliances inside your kitchen such as your oven and toaster, a lot of harmful fumes are released into the air which are both bad for health and also negatively impact the air quality.

The gas from your kitchen burner produces a lot of nitrogen dioxide, and in some cases will produce unwanted carbon monoxide too.

Even electric stovetops will often create nitrogen dioxide, and the simple task of frying an egg will release hydrogen sulphide gas into the air.

In addition to the above, cooking releases lots of grease and other unwanted fumes and odours into the air which all contribute to polluting your kitchen and creating a bad experience for those inside it.


What can we do to remove these unwanted kitchen fumes?

 There are many solutions that you can adopt to ensure that the air quality in your kitchen is as good as it ought to be, so we’ll highlight some of the most important solution below:


Using a kitchen range hood

The most obvious way to ensure that the air quality in your kitchen is as good as it can be involves using your kitchen range hood to suck out all of the fumes and unwanted particles produced whilst cooking.

Whilst most kitchens have a range hood, a lot of people often cook without ever turning it on which completely defeats the purpose of it.

Another important point to mention is that this should be turned on from the beginning of when you start cooking, not in the middle of your cooking or at the end, as it won’t have nearly the same effect of cleaning the air in your kitchen.

Lastly, you also want to make sure that you range hood actually vents the air outside your house instead of recirculating it through a filter, as this is something that isn’t anywhere near as effective when it comes to cleaning the air.


Kitchen Windows

Whilst having a range hood is vital for optimal air quality in your kitchen, adding windows in key spots will also ensure proper ventilation.

Having more windows in your kitchen means that there will be adequate air circulation in the room ensuring that heat, odours, and other contaminants are eliminated quickly and effectively.

Although it may not be possible for some to add many windows in their kitchen, it is best to plan at least one window for proper ventilation if you are planning on a kitchen re-design.


Placing A Window Fan

If you lack space in your kitchen for a range hood, then a window fan for your kitchen is an absolute must.

There are a wide variety of fans available for you to choose from.

A single unit contains 3 fans while some contain the feature of airflow reversibility. If you are on a low budget then a basic exhaust fan that fits snugly into your kitchen window can do the trick.

Now, if you would like to add air purification, consider an oscillating fan with an ionizer feature. The oscillation efficiently circulate the air better, while the ionizer traps the allergens in the air.


Investing In Air Purifiers

You can also consider investing in a good air purifier besides the windows, range hood, and fan in your kitchen.

There are government rated purifiers available in the market but there are some purifiers with HEPA filters.

Such filters are of hospital quality and can purify the air equal to 99.7%. These purifiers can seize pollution, micro-organisms and allergens beyond 0.3 micrometre, ensuring your kitchen air quality remains as good as it possibly can be!