Kitchen Wall Decoration Ideas We Love

Your kitchen is the place where you and your family gather, socialize, prepare food and eat together, which is why it is considered one of the most essential parts of your home.

Aside from the living room, it is probably the place where most social interaction in the home takes place, so having a neat and cosy kitchen will undoubtedly draw your family and guests into the heart of your home.

If you are looking for inspiration on what you can do to give your dream kitchen the perfect wall design, then we’ve got some bright ideas that will be perfect for you.


Showcase Your Art Collection

If you’re an art lover, then hanging a piece of art at your kitchen wall has no exception.

It is common to display art pieces in the living room or your bedroom but hanging an art piece in the kitchen? This is not as common in our opinion, but these pieces of art can look as stunning on your kitchen wall as they do in any other rooms and can give your kitchen the bright and vibrant touch that it needs.


Add An Accent Wall

Another eye-catching idea for your kitchen design is adding an accent wall. Accents walls are popular in the decorating industry because of its flexibility and style.

You have a wide array of paint options and materials to choose from so think outside of the box and choose colours that will make you happy.

Cabinets, stone, a gallery of photos, wallpapers or even a fabric-draped wall would make an excellent accent for your kitchen.

You won’t be mistaken as long as you choose the right accents around the room to coordinate with your new colour.


Display Plate and Platters

Don’t just keep your designer plates and platters inside your cabinet. Hang them on your wall! If your kitchen is traditional and you don’t want it to be anything else, then decorating it with your collectables is the best option for you.

It is very straightforward to do, just attach some of your beautiful painted and textured plates with an adhesive plate hanger and Voila! You’ve got an instant decorative plate wall.


Open Shelving Or Cabinets

Whether you’re considering a minor upgrade or a complete redesign of your kitchen, the storage is likely to be your most important concern.

Open kitchen shelves offer flexible storage solution and allow for creative kitchen designing.

While it is ideal for a quick and convenient organization of kitchen tools, it also allows you to display and show off your beautiful ceramic collections to full effect.

On the other hand, installing wall cabinets makes the most of your kitchen space.

It comes in different heights, widths and designs that work for you best.

You can play with different colours that create an exciting contrast to make your kitchen unique and aesthetic.


Dress Up Your Wall With Plants

A stylish modern chalkboard wall planters with fresh herbs is not only functional but also looks great on your kitchen wall.

It will enliven the space while you have fresh greenery all the time. You can choose to hang your herbs using pots on metal shelves or a planter made of a wooden board with glass jars.

Another idea is to use wooden herb boxes with tags or DIY hanging baskets.

Whatever style you choose, it will surely look lovely and elegant to your kitchen space.


DIY Wood Pallet Wine Rack

A DIY wood pallet wine rack makes a magnificent wall decor for your kitchen.

A variety of different ideas and designs are available online to turn your ordinary pallet into a classy rustic wine rack.

As you know, pallets are incredibly versatile and can be used for an array of different projects.

Transformation is even easier; it doesn’t require much time or effort. It can be done by just putting boards at the bottom and the top. It can also be lightly burnt with a propane torch to add a more rustic touch to its design.


Message Board

Another lovely idea for your kitchen wall is installing a message board.

As previously mentioned before, the kitchen is the place where the family bond. Hanging a message board is a smart and cute way to leave beautiful and inspiring messages every day for everyone to read.

It is also an innovative way to post your weekly menu, reminders, or even requests for a special dish. However you use it will surely look elegant as well as beautiful decor in your kitchen.