Kitchen Worktops – What are the Options?

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Picking the right worktop can be daunting with all of the different options out there, so we thought we’d put together a small guide on the different things you should consider. A few questions to ask yourself include;

  • What is my budget?
  • How much time for installation do I have?
  • Am I installing it or am I hiring someone else to?
  • Do I want it heat and/or scratch resistant?
  • How much worktop space do I have?
  • What colours and texture do I want?

Once you know this take a look below at the list of different types of worktops that are available for your perfect fitted kitchen in Norwich.



Perfect for both modern and traditional kitchens. This popular stone worktop is hygienic, easy to clean, long lasting, durable and functional as well as adding a high-quality feel to your kitchen. However, these are heavy worksurfaces so self-installation isn’t advised as once they are damaged, they can’t be repaired. They will also require strong support from the below cabinets due to the weight.



Unlike Granite, Quartz is a man-made stone although they maintain the durability of natural stone, they can’t withstand the same amount of heat. However, this type of worktop is a customisable, non-porous, scratch-proof surface that contributes to the green revolution as it contains waste materials. All resulting in a quality finish and feel.



For versatility, hygiene and resistance to heat, Ceramic could be your worktop choice. These surfaces come in a variety of colours, textures and thickness to create a clean and modern look to your kitchen. A downside of Ceramic is the maintenance. Grout joints can be difficult to clean, they can be prone to scratches and if they crack, they have to be replaced.



Looking for a modern statement, that doesn’t compromise or heat resistance or hygiene? Why not try Glass. Glass worktops are stylish, sleek and come in a wide variety of colours and designs. Something to bear in mind is despite being strong they can crack if excessive weight is placed towards to edges.



Fully transform your kitchen with wood worktops that add a bit of natural beauty. Wood surfaces are solid long-lasting surfaces where accidental damage can be sanded down if needed. However, they can’t withstand too much heat and you can’t cut directly onto them without causing damage to the surface.



Made from high-density chipboard and coated with plastic laminate. This type of worksurface come in an array of colours, sizes and designs and is currently the most popular choice in the UK. This is an affordable option that can be manipulated to suit your needs and easy to install without a professional. A downside to this surface is that it can be damaged by sharp, heavy or hot objects.


Stainless Steel

A highly heat resistant and durable choice that can be custom made to suit your kitchen. The perfect surface for those doing lots of cooking. The only downside is that they are not scratch resistant over time they may acquire scratches and dents.



A crystalline form of limestone this type of surface is very elegant. Not only is it a very beautiful material it is also heat resistant. However, it does have its downsides it is porous which can result in stains and it can also be scratched.


Solid Surface Composite Kitchen 

Made by applying acrylic resin to the top of another material (i.e. Wood) creating a seamless and glossy worktop finish that is heat, scratch and stain resistant. 


If you are looking to renovate your kitchen and would like to know more about the different types of worktops you can contact us on 01603 417072 or visit our Norwich Showroom NR6 5DR.