Lighting – Natural vs. Artificial

Whether you’ve recently brought a house or looking to renovate your existing home, an important factor to never overlook is lighting.

Lighting can affect your mood, sleep, concentration and energy bill! It’s such an important factor in your home and kitchen, yet sometimes it unfortunately receives the least amount of attention. Have a read below some ways to create the best lighting plan for your Norwich kitchen.


Room Purpose  

When determining the best lighting plan for your home you must consider the functionality of each individual room.





The best lighting for preparing food is bright non-glaring lights that are preferably situated above your worktops so that you are not blocking out your own light. A good place for these lights is under wall cabinets for direct lighting onto the task you are doing.



Because a kitchen can be multi-purpose for preparing and eating food. Multiple lighting fixtures could work best for you. When dining a softer light and/or natural light creates a more relaxing atmosphere to socialise with family and friends.



A very important room to get right. The wrong type of lighting in a bedroom can result in restless sleep. Popular lighting plans include bright natural light during the day and a dark room in the evening with a few warm lamps.



Typically, a room for getting ready in, as much natural lighting as possible is best for this room. However, when natural lighting can’t be obtained, similar to the kitchen bright artificial lighting will work too.

So wherever possible utilising natural lighting is always a preferred option as it is known to reduce stress and increase productivity while saving energy and reducing your electricity bill. However, occasions do call for artificial lighting such as completing intricate work or blocking out the midday sun when the UV rays are at their strongest.


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