Modern & Timeless Kitchen Color Schemes


A kitchen is a necessary part of any household. More than food, friendships and relationships are made in the kitchen between the stove and the sink. 

For that reason, your kitchen needs to be something that people want to spend time in for extended periods. A beautiful and timeless color scheme can contribute to a more enjoyable kitchen experience.

There is a huge variety of different color schemes you could use, depending on the rest of your house. Here are some of the most popular color schemes for kitchens of all shapes and sizes, both modern and timeless.


The Classic Kitchen Look: Black and White

Black and white kitchens are clean and timeless color schemes. For decades, a black and white color scheme has been used, and for a good reason. 

It looks fantastic in a variety of kinds of houses. It blends well with a minimalist theme, and it can work well with a busier household. The simple colors work well with any accent colors if you need to blend the kitchen with the rest of the house. 

If in doubt, there is no way to go wrong with a black and white scheme. It goes with anything, and it can have any special twists you can dream up.


The Modern Kitchen Look: Grey on Grey

If you’re looking for a classy, sleek, modern kitchen, look no further than the color grey. Although this scheme is monochromatic, this theme can be spiced up with other colors or left simple for a more bold look.

The grey on grey look works well with minimalist households or industrial style homes. The colors themselves are minimalistic and bold. The lack of colors shifts the focus to strong lines in the kitchen, contributing to a simple, clean look.

This sleek look is sure to impress any visitors, and it goes with nearly any other color scheme if the rest of the house already has a strong theme throughout.


The Cheery Kitchen Look: Citrus and White

Contrasting the last kitchen, this kitchen is all about cheer rather than professionalism. Walking into this kitchen, you will feel upbeat and joyful because you are surrounded by bright yellows, greens and whites.

If you have a more eclectic household, this may be the kitchen for you. The whimsical colors lend themselves to small decorations and flourishes, as well as unique personal items. 

On the other hand, if your home has many bright colors, you might like this kitchen because it blends well with the rest of your household. Either way, this is a joy of a kitchen that anyone would love to spend time in and make memories.


The Rustic Kitchen Look: Wood Tones and Neutral Colors

As rustic households gain steam, the rustic kitchen has begun to take hold of some people. The cool wood grain texture and neutral colors have a calming effect that reminds us of a simpler time. 

This example of a very modern style of kitchen has recently become very popular, and it isn’t hard to see why. The texture of the wood adds interest to what could otherwise be a boring color scheme. The rustic feel gives a good sense of home.

This kitchen works best with a rustic home. A household that plays with wood grain and texture would help this kitchen fit right in. 


The Bold Kitchen Look: Gold, White and Navy

If you want to make your kitchen into the centerpiece it was always meant to be the bold look is the way to go. The classic color scheme of gold, white and navy are perfect for a loud kitchen that is sure to turn heads.

This kitchen look works best in a classic house that has a similar color scheme. An overall navy scheme can tie the whole house together.

This scheme is timeless, and it’s easy to tell why. The bold colors keep the room interesting, and the whole room calls a sense of cool style and confidence.


In Conclusion

Overall, there is no wrong way to pick a color scheme for your kitchen; there are many color schemes to choose from and enjoy. The most important thing is to pick a theme that will inspire many conversations and fantastic meals.

Whatever colors inspire you to create memories are great colors to pick. Although there are timeless color schemes that could be easy to fall back on, there are so many fresh new themes that should be considered.

Some of the best schemes are new modern themes, never tested before. Create, become inspired, and have fun with your brand new kitchen color scheme and kitchen.