Modern vs. Traditional 

When looking to renovate your kitchen. choosing a design style you like is the first, hardest thing to do. Have a read of our comparison between Modern and Traditional designs.


Traditional kitchens are typically classy and elegant designs where the cooker is centre stage and are neutral in colour with floral feature pieces as well as incorporating slopes and curves. They feature real wood cabinet finishes with stone, marble or limestone worktops and brass handles, with many of the kitchens in Norfolk that we are asked to design often fitting this description. .



Modern Kitchens in comparison are simple, functional and sleek. These designs are all about being user-friendly, striking colours and a seamless look by incorporating handleless cabinets, hidden storage and high-tech appliances.


Other Things to Consider  

Property style

Although you want to have a kitchen that fits with your personal taste. Something to think about is the current style of the rest of your house. If the rest of your home has a traditional design and you pick a modern kitchen it could look out of place.


Are you selling or staying?

Modern kitchens tend to be liked more universally compared to a traditional kitchen that is more bespoke to individual taste. They provide a foundation for people moving into a new home to build on and make their own mark on a house without renovating the whole kitchen.

If your plan is to sell the property after renovating the kitchen it is worth bearing in mind that a clean blank canvas kitchen is a good selling point.


Longevity and Practicality

Thinking long term and practical is important. Having something that is current and on trend is always nice, but a kitchen typically lasts 5-10 years and certain trends can be impractical or look outdated long term.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen would like to know more about kitchen designs you can contact us on 01603 417072 or visit our Norwich Showroom NR6 5DR.