Should you choose an open plan or broken plan kitchen design?


An open plan kitchen design is defined as consolidating the kitchen areas and the living room to become one area. This layout is suitable for activities such as cooking, eating, relaxing, and the use of electronics under one space. 

A broken plan kitchen design is planned in a way that divides the living room area from the kitchen. Objects such as shelves, half walls, fireplace, glass partitions, and levels. Broken plan kitchens designs have been on the rise recently.


An open plan kitchen design

An open-plan kitchen does not include partitions or walls. This means that your home will have more space, hence appear bigger. When the kitchen is joined with the living room and dining room, it makes the home look more spacious.

You can differentiate each area through ornamentation. For example, you can decide to place a couch defining where the kitchen area ends and where the living room area begins. This gives balance to your space.


Space element

Houses that are small in size can adopt an open-plan kitchen design. Smaller spaces can be tedious to maneuver in. therefore, opting for an open kitchen design means that mobility will be easier. Also, the unavailability of walls makes the house look commodious.



An open-plan kitchen allows a homeowner the opportunity to participate in several activities all at once. It enables people in the kitchen to cook and clean as they communicate with other family members who are in the living room. When guests are over, you can prepare meals for them as you engage in the conversation.

An open kitchen plan makes cleaning the house suitable. As opposed to having many rooms, cleaning is done in one area at once.



Lighting is an important aspect of a house. The advantage of an open kitchen design is that it allows more natural light inside the space. Since the kitchen, living room and dining room are in one area, light is easily reflected everywhere. A bright house is attractive.



An open-plan kitchen design encourages cleanliness. Since this layout leaves nothing to the imagination, it makes homeowners maintain cleanliness and better cooking methods. In the long run, this is practical in discouraging insects and rodents.

Choosing an open plan kitchen design is practical. If a homeowner is planning to see the house, he or she can be assured that having the open plan is a plus. This is because these designs are still sought after.


A broken plan kitchen design

A broken plan kitchen design affords privacy. By using half shelves or tall fireplaces, one can have personal space in the kitchen. The broken plan kitchen layout is practical on occasions time for cluttering and cleaning was limited. This is especially so when one has guests because they are unable to see the mess.



A broken plan kitchen design enables the homeowner to create more storage space. This can be achieved if the layout is achieved through the use of shelves. The shelves will be assets because they will serve multiple purposes. Clutter will be reduced in the house, as a result.

Opting for a broken plan kitchen design means that it becomes easier to differentiate rooms. Unlike an open space, this gives freedom of designing each place uniquely. The use of dividers is effective. It also gives the homeowner a chance to be as creative as possible, designing these spaces.



A broken plan kitchen design gives you a taste of both worlds. The use of shelves and partitions also aids in keeping the pen space layout intact. For example, the use of glass walls still makes the house look spacious and allows light to be reflected.


Room for creativity

This design also allows for homeowners to exercise their creative juices. They can choose this layout because it is easy to adjust and change according to taste over time. Since the elements are not permanent, restructuring is practical.

While an open plan kitchen design provides an opportunity for homeowners to interact with guests and the rest of the family members, it doesn’t provide privacy. A broken plan kitchen, on the other hand, enables a homeowner to create seclusion, at the same time placing elements that style up the house.

If you choose an open plan kitchen design, be assured of bigger and brighter-looking spaces. This layout presents an attractive view of the house.

If you opt for a broken plan kitchen, you have the opportunity to diversify on décor. Also, you will have fewer distractions because of the element of privacy.