Our Favourite Kitchen Sink Styles, And Which One You Should Choose For Your Kitchen

The sink area is the place that has the highest activity in the kitchen. Sinks comes in many styles, sizes and shapes, and often include a wide range of accessories such as drying rack, cutting board, colander, drain cover, basket strainer…and more!

When it comes to planning your dream kitchen, there is so much to consider, with the kitchen sink of course being one of them.

The goal is to have a sink that is functional, convenient and stylish – it should be reflective of your kitchen style. If you are tired of your kitchen sink and you want to remodel it, or you have a new kitchen that needs a new sink, then we’ve rounded up some of the best sink styles to help you decide what’s best for you!


Top Mount or Self-Rimming Sink

This sink style is very straight forward. A top mount or self-rimming sink is a traditional sink that sits over the top of the counter. A lot of times it is not recommended for granite because of its look, but some people still like it.

However, a top-mounted sink does a better job of preventing water from getting under the laminate material, which is something that can break down the particle board underneath it.

It has a lot of advantages over the other sink designs as it can be mounted directly into any countertop material. It can also be fitted and removed quicker than the under mount which requires an exact sized cut-out with a finished highly polished edge upon installation.

Overall, there are thousands of sizes, depths and shapes of top-mount sinks that can complement any kitchen design.


Under Mount Sink

Another option of sink design which also can be done on granite, is the under mount sink. This sink is commonly 9 inches deep on average.

One of its obvious advantages is that it gives you more worktop space than the top mount sink. Also, it gives you a much cleaner look if you have a solid surface or granite countertop like the Corian or quartz worktops.

Another advantage of an under mount is that you can easily clean your worktop without the obstruction.

It has had a bad reputation due occasions where the sink drops! Aside from the shock of this happening, this us a huge nuisance as it will need to be unmounted and replaced. The reason for this is typically due to a bad installation utilizing only silicone to keep the sink secure, when in reality it often needs to be screwed into the countertop, alongside using clips and straps to ensure the sink is firmly secured.


Integrated Sink

The integrated or built-in sink is a common choice for both the bathroom and the kitchen.

Most people love this setup because a worktop with a built-in sink constructed of the same material allows for a sleek, streamlined and very high end look.

Like the under mount sink, it is also easy to clean, and it comes in a range of materials like stainless steel, concrete, marble and terrazzo.

These built-in sinks allow you for complete customization. You can choose any material, size, shapes and bowl style.


Farmhouse Sink

Is a farmhouse sink best for your kitchen?
Farmhouse sinks are generally quite large in size and have grown in popularity over the past few years.

Quick history tip, they were originally built for house without running water, but of course now have quite a large demand due to their distinctive look and expansive space for dishes and other kitchen duties.

If you are considering installing this sink, it is crucial to choose the style the suits you best.

Farmhouse sinks come in vintage, top mount and deep drop-in styles.


Bar Sink

While the farmhouse sinks are generally very large, bar sinks are smaller and more shallow than the average kitchen sink.

This sink is commonly single bowl design and is primarily used for food prep, light cleanup and drink making.

As the name suggests, bar sinks are great for home bars, patio or terrace.


Prep Sink

Aside from the main sink, more and more busy homes today are installing preparation sinks.

As the name goes, they are intended for washing and preparing produce, fish, poultry, pork and beef. However, in some homes, the prep sink is placed near the family room or breakfast area where it can be useful of other purposes.


Kitchen Island Sink

Kitchen island sinks are becoming increasingly popular for most homeowners. This sink style is best for L-shaped kitchen layout with an island which is one of the classic kitchen layouts for many reasons.

Installing an island for an L-shaped design promotes efficiency as it can turn your kitchen island into a complete workspace.

It also saves you more space on your main counter. This sink comes in many variations so you’ll have an endless option in terms of design.