Slate vs. Stainless Steel Appliances


Right now, two Titans are battling it out in the appliance industry. 

The former Titan of appliances, stainless steel, has been the reigning champ for years. A new contender has recently entered the scene, slate. Each of these options has its own benefits and drawbacks. 

Whether you prefer the matte finish of the slate or the timeless appeal of the stainless steel, it is often in the eye of the beholder.


What Are Slate Appliances?

Slate is a relative newcomer to the industry. Despite its youth, it has quickly gained popularity. Perhaps as a result of the elegant matte finish. 

Everyone has always gawked in awe at the beauty of a stainless steel appliance. Yet, there is something about these slate refrigerators that is simply eye-catching. 


The original design for Slate was inspired by classic stones. Think of rocks such as granite. Thus, making it the perfect match for kitchens with stone countertops.

Darker Almost Amber Tone:

Stainless steel has always been a little too bright for darker kitchens. Slate appliances provide an option to produce a more natural color scheme in your kitchen.

Matte Finish:

Not everyone loves the shininess of stainless steel. If you prefer the look of matte colors, you’ll love slate appliances.


What Are Stainless Steel Appliances?

Anyone that’s gone shopping for appliances in the last 20 years knows what stainless steel is. For decades, it has reigned supreme as the pinnacle of modern home appliances. 

Of course, it is important to note that this was not without good reason. 

Stainless steel does have several benefits that are hard to beat by any contender.

Sleek Modern Look:

Finding a kitchen that looks more modern than a kitchen with sleek stainless-steel appliances is far from being an easy task! However, not all customers are going for a modern look in their kitchen, but if you are then stainless steel is often the obvious pick. 


You can throw your frying pan straight at your oven without leaving a scratch. If stainless steel is known for one thing, it’s durability. It will look brand-new years down the road.

Resistant to the Elements:

Stainless steel appliances are extremely resistant to damage. They are very weather resistant and can be used outdoors (many hotels use stainless steel kitchens on outdoor terraces), alongside being very resistant to high temperatures too. 


Benefits and Drawback of Slate Appliances

As with all things in life, slate appliances have pluses and minuses. You will have to be the final judge.

Better for Kitchens That Have Darker Color Schemes:

Are the walls of your kitchen painted with darker color? You might find a stainless steel appliance to be a little too much of a contrast. Try out a slate one instead.

Do You Keep Leaving Smudges on Your Stainless Steel Appliances?:

Do you keep leaving smudges on the fridge? Be honest with us. We won’t tell anyone. If so, you might be able to hide them a little bit better by getting a slate appliance next time.

Hides Dirt Well, Making it a Great Choice for Families With Rowdy Boys:

Do you have a family that’s always being kept busy by the boys? Now, this may not apply to everyone. However, if it does, you know who you are and this makes slate appliances perfect for disguising the occasional muddy hand. 

When you compare it to a stainless steel appliance, there’s no contest. That makes it perfect for when you keep finding dirt smeared all over the fridge.


  • 1. No Smudges 
  • 2. Great for Darker Kitchens 
  • 3. Easy to Maintain 


  • 1. Limited Product Selection 
  • 2. Might Need to Repaint Your Kitchen 
  • 3. Not Everyone Likes the Lack of Shine 


Benefits and Drawback of Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances have been the champion of the modern kitchen for years at this point. It’s unlikely that Slate will make them disappear anytime soon. 

Yet, more and more people have begun to make the switch. Nevertheless, stainless steel appliances have several advantages that simply can’t be beaten.

A Timeless Aesthetic That Will Never Go Out of Style:

When you want to ensure that your kitchen looks just as good in 20 years as it does today, go with stainless steel. 

Easily the Most Durable Choice on the Market:

Regardless of how clumsy your family can be, you can rely on your trusty stainless steel appliances to stand the test of time. 

Many stainless steel appliances sold back in the 70s are often still running good and strong.

Great for Chemistry Experiments: 

Stainless steel is particularly resistant to the elements. You can’t catch it on fire or melt it with acid.

It is highly unlikely any material will ever enter the market that is as durable as your trusty friend, stainless steel.


  • 1. Shiny Elegant Aesthetic 
  • 2. Hard to damage 
  • 3. Will Not Corrode 


  • 1. Costly 
  • 2. More to Maintain 
  • 3. Shows Smudges Easily 


The Bottom Line When it Comes to Slate vs. Stainless Steel Appliance

Ultimately, both options are great choices. As long as you pick your appliances from a reliable brand, it is hard to go wrong. 

Modern appliances have the benefit of years worth of research behind them. Now, in our opinion, we think that the slate is interesting. 

Perhaps, because it is relatively new, we would love to hear what you think. Do you prefer slate or stainless steel?