Creative Small Kitchen Designing Ideas & Tips

Are you thinking of remodeling your kitchen? Perhaps you’ve been considering it for some time and had ideas for designing it on some of the latest trends you’ve seen around.
Each of us want our kitchen to look nice, warm, welcoming, as well as comfortable.

However, living in small spaces often times makes creating your dream kitchen a challenge simply due to the size restrictions, and people often wonder whether there is a lot that can be done with a smaller kitchen space to make it as warm and as welcoming as they had hoped for.

The good news is that the goal of creating your ideal kitchen, even with limited dimensions, is something that is very achievable with the right approach.

Small spaces are quite common and there’s no reason that your kitchen can’t look and feel larger than it is!

All it requires is a little outside the box thinking to utilize the restricted space in a way that allows you to build a radiant and welcoming kitchen, such as simply taking advantage of your walls, windows and cabinet sides.

In this article we’ll present a collection of creative ideas and innovations to help save you the struggle of feeling claustrophobic again, and instead, experience a cozy and pleasant kitchen that can provides the same facilitations that broader kitchen spaces do.


Smart Storage Ideas

Kitchen storage areas take up a lot of space, and aside from re-assessing exactly how many pots and pans you really need, what we also suggest is thinking of different ways to store your items outside of your kitchen cabinetry.

Hanging up your pots

One of the more common solutions we see work very well is to start incorporating the practice of hanging your pots on the wall. All that’s needed is a simple installation of some brass rails.

Any wall can become a key storage solution, and hanging up your pots means you can free up space in your cabinet for other items, alongside providing far easier access to the important pots that are used on a daily and weekly basis (helping to keep your cabinets free from the arduous shoving that we’re all too familiar with).

Think of all the items that you’d like within the arm’s reach and hang them up too.

You’ll also love the idea of adding some decorative elements like plants for a different texture and a burst of colour.

Open shelves

If you have more room on your wall, adding some open shelves will work wonders as well and will go a long way to help add more storage space to your kitchen, alongside giving your kitchen more character and flair.

Group things by type or category to make it all look cohesive.



The next key area for a small kitchen are the surfaces. The surfaces of your kitchen must be managed in a manner to create a practical and uncluttered space that is neat and user-friendly.

Sink & cooktop

The sink and the stove are an essential part of the kitchen, but the space in between is often not enough for your meal preparation.

Most kitchen sinks and cooktops offer cutting boards as an accessory that lay above the sink / cooktop; it is an easy solution for your limited surface area to give you the extra room needed for your food preparation.

Folding tables

The limited dimensions of small kitchens can also be dealt with by utilizing folding tables. Folding tables are a convenient way of saving space and are easy to clean and fold away.

They allow an additional room for eating as well as preparing to cook your favorite meals.

Kitchen island

If the space allows for it, an island will provide a much-needed surface area as well as additional storage for your kitchen utensils. An open island is recommended to make your kitchen look and feel larger.


Kitchen Revamping

The interior of your kitchen contributes to unleashing a cozy and comfortable experience for you and your guests, but it must be attended to in a smart way.
Often times, simple changes to the interior of your kitchen can maximize the look and feel of the space.

Colour choices – be bold!

Altering the look and feel of your kitchen is often best done by changes in the colour used. We have noticed various occasions where being bold and opting for dark colours such as black, maroon, etc.. actually help revamp the entire feel of a small kitchen area.

The dominant colours make it a centre point and enhance the promince. It also makes your kitchen stand out from the rest of the interior of your house which ads a completely new energy to the environment.

Having said that, it is also worth mentioning that an all-white kitchen enables a more open and vibrant look and sets a livelier mood.
Depending on the feel you are looking for, both can end up working well.

Full height panels

Full height flat panel doors will also make your space feel far bigger because there is less detail to focus on.

Using mirrors in your kitchen will open things up visually as well. You can add mirrors in your cabinet fronts or add a mirror backsplash in one side of your kitchen.

Mirrors are a great way to fool your eyes by reflecting more light while also giving you the illusion of more space.


Final words

Whatever design you choose, the golden rule in living in a small space is that you need to be diligent with your items because there is not enough room for all the things you’ve been holding on to or would like to hold on to.

Try to only keep things that you really need or enjoy, and of course keep them organized and tidy.