Wardrobes – Fitted vs. Freestanding

Looking to renovate your bedroom?


Fitted wardrobes are designed to fit those awkward spaces without leaving a single gap from floor to ceiling. If you have no plans to move or you’re looking for something timeless that won’t need changing or you want to maximise the space available then this is an ideal choice for you and is a common choice amongst the many fitted bedrooms in Norwich that we work on.



For those who think they are likely to move again or like to frequently change layout designs a freestanding wardrobe that has better portability might be the better choice for you. Freestanding wardrobes frequently come in sets allowing you to match all your bedroom items for a cohesive look.


Other things to consider

Number of Doors

The size of the room/space is normally the dictating factor for the number of doors you can have on a wardrobe. However, there are many door options for you to choose from including;

  • Single Door Wardrobes
  • Double Door Wardrobes
  • Triple Door Wardrobes
  • 4 Door Wardrobes
  • 5 Door Wardrobes


Door Types

Again, depending on size, of your room/space may dictate which opening style you choose.


Sliding Doors

Work well in a small space as it does need to encroach into open room space.


Hinged & Bi-Fold

These doors work well in more spacious rooms with space to open them and move around them.



Depending on your design choice and the functionality you want may dictate what materials you choose. Some material examples include:

  • Solid Wood
  • High Gloss/Veneer
  • Foil Finish
  • Mirrors


Internal Fittings

Final things to think about is the functionality of your wardrobe. What do you actually want to store in it?


Some internal fittings include:

  • Hooks – for jewellery.
  • Railings – to hang clothes onto.
  • Shelves – to store folded items, shoes or bags.
  • Draws – to store belts, ties, socks or underwear.


If you are looking to renovate your bedroom and would like to know more about the different types of wardrobe you can contact us on 01603 417072 or visit our Norwich Showroom NR6 5DR.